By: Alicia Soukup

August 23, 2012

We just finished a downsizing NJ estate sale in the past couple of weeks of a very nice
5000 square foot home in a very nice town. Unfortunately, the home was furnished with
some very expensive items that screamed the 90’s, I mean top end decorator 90’s that,
unfortunately, would be considered very dated today. During the initial interview with
the home owner, I told her that these items would be very difficult to sell in today’s
market, and it would benefit her, if I could simply “give these items away for her”. The
worst offender in the “dated” category, was a multi- pastel colored, built-in (very heavy)
bedroom set. The sale was successful and all of the items which should have sold during
this downsizing sale, did sell.

Upon signing up the tag sale, we had introduced these homeowners to our “cleanout/
donation team”. This post house sale/estate sale (meaning after it’s all over) company,
consisting of Carol and Vinny, are very accommodating to all. They are a separate
business, and have been in business since 1982. They have been instrumental in
facilitating the closings for many home sales. For instance, recently, Vinny dismantled
a grill for a buyer, who had no business buying it, with no means to transport it, free of
charge, with no questions asked. They have been know to even deliver cable boxes back
to cable companies and to take old license plates back to the DMV for clients, all with a

Today’s business introduced me to a successful high end realtor who just wanted
some opinions on her antique belongings. Unknown to me, one of those highly
advertised, “haul away” pre house sale, and after house sale “Hunk” firms had just
removed several junk items and a few items that could have been donated for the “small”
tab of $300.00 from her home. I asked this realtor if she had received a tax donation letter
for the usable items, she said she had not. She had been charged to haul away and dump
everything, even though some of the items were usable and good enough to be donated.
Now just remember, this is a realtor, who having moved people to and fro during her
career did not have anyone better or less expensive to help her out current situation.

Now on to another story and then finally my conclusion for all of these seemingly
unrelated topics-I have learned though several NJ house sale and estate sale interviews
I have been on lately, that some of the well known tax write off/donation places require
everything to be on the first floor. This can be a real problem for those with legitimate
donation items. One would have to move these items themselves, or pay someone to
move them. We have sold contents of some monster homes during our years conducting
estate and moving sales. Some of these New Jersey homes have had tough basements
and impossible stair cases. This does not count when you contract with Carol and Vinny
to complete your house sale needs.

Now back to the big 5000 square foot home in the nice town. Well, I was astounded
to find out that the total charge for dismantling that 90’s/heavy/dated bedroom set,
hauling it up and down stairs along with other dated items, not to mention heavy exercise
equipment that did not sell, cleaning a pool house and 2 fridges, cleaning floors and

pulling up carpet tacks from the hardwood floors and last but not least having the place
tested for cleanliness with a white glove was only $650.00. There were no dumpster
charges and no dump fees added to this figure. All of this was accomplished in a timely
manner immediately after the house sale, in just two days. This is all Carol and Vinny
charged these downsizers. Better yet, the items which could be used by someone who
needed them were donated and are not now part of a landfill somewhere. Carol and
Vinny also provide legitimate tax donation letters, which have past the test of some pretty
high end accountants.

With our New Jersey estate sale/ house sale business, we help people move out, relocate, and start over nearly every week of the year. During our years in the house sale business, we have nurtured many contacts that can make your transitions easier and potentially much less costly. Here is a prime example. Give us a call. We can help you, even if you just want a few items hauled away.

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