Let Pricelessfind Estate Sales & Appraisals Find Your Treasures 1/29/2014

A very nice, successful attorney hired us for the liquidation of his Aunt and Uncle’s home in Teaneck NJ early last Spring. Sitting at the dining room table with Henry asked, ” who are your going to hire to clean up and sort that basement, it’s a real nightmare”. I replied that my partner and I were going sort the basement.  I explained that, while it isn’t my favorite activity,  I don’t mind picking through a basement disaster. I also explained that I believed it was necessary to do this work myself as you never know what you could find in a mound such as the one in this Teaneck estate’s basement. You see, Henry’s Aunt and Uncle were old time pawn brokers. Not like the ones you see on reality TV now, but before the information age. Imagine what used to walk into a pawn broker’s door before eBay, artnet, artfact, Antique Road show and such. Back in the old days before everyone knew everything about everything (information is so easily accessible these days) just image what used to walk into a good pawn shop.

Well sure enough, in Henry’s Aunt and Uncles basement, on day two of sorting, we found a bag of eye-popping  diamond rings, sapphire & ruby jewelry and other assorted great antique jewelry. This was tossed on the floor in a bag in the tool section of the basement, by an old work bench amongst some empty paint and oil cans.  Mind you, this is after the family had spend over 6 months sorting through this mess of a house. Now wait, there was more that we uncovered while working to sort through this estate contents. We later found a Federal Reserve bad with over 700 antique silver dollars. That was a great “hit” for the estate.

Now I think Henry knows why we insisted on doing the work ourselves. Needless to say the proceeds of the personal property in this New Jersey estate netted much more than any of us had originally thought.

Other treasures that we have found for clients at Pricelessfind Estate Sales & Appraisals have been more visible but still benefit from being handled by a trained, certified appraiser.

Pricelessfind Estate Sales & Appraisals conducted an estate sale in Chester NJ just before Christmas of last year. The home was the estate of a 95 year old woman who had recently passed away but had been a collector of many things throughout her long life in New Jersey. There were a number of paintings to be sold at the estate sale. One was a large watercolor by Aiden Lassell Ripley. Ripley is a well listed American artist who was born in 1896 and died in 1969. Ripley studied at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School under Frank Benson and Philip Hale. He is well known for his sporting scenes and painting en “plein-air”. We appraised this work for our client heirs and advised then that the venue of a live auction would realize the most money for this client on this piece of art. We professionally shipped and insured it for the client ourselves and sent it to a reputable auction which was physically located near where Ripley had been born and had worked.  The end to this story was that the painting realized $11,000 for our clients. There was only one treasure at this estate, but we had found it for our clients. The proceeds of the painting’s sale added another 30 percent to the client’s total from the estate sale. The client was very satisfied with our efforts.

Whether you have a treasure hiding in plain sight, or really hiding, let us find your treasure for you and maximize the total proceeds from your estate or moving sale. We are only one of 3 estate sale companies who have obtained their appraisal certificate and who are Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice compliant. We also can professionally assess the value of your estate before you begin the liquidation process. Please call us to schedule and appointment.  Thanks for reading my blog.


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