Pricelessfind Estate Sales Discusses a Plan to Maximize the Monetary Return from an Estate Sale

We had a meeting the last week with a client in Bernardsville NJ. The client was selling items for a relative who was presently living in an extended care facility. We all know how expensive it can be to get on in years and not be able to live in on your own. The owner had a wide assortment of interesting items. Upon discussing the needs of the client and the time horizon, we formulated a plan to maximize profiting from the selling of the items in the house.

First there were the coins. Pricelessfind Estate Sales & Appraisers has a very reliable “scraper”. He is honest and transparent about his dealings, and we have been dealing with him for years. My partner Ken, drove the coins to his location, (which was over 2 hours away,) and will have a check for the client with a breakdown, within less than 5 days of our first meeting.

Then there were some interesting Americana type items. These were antique scrimshaw whale teeth. There were about 9 in total. Ken did an initial appraisal and noted that while all of the teeth were from the 19th century, one was an antique whale’s tooth that had been decorated at a later date. Boston is a great place to sell items like this- in the appraisal business we call it “the most appropriate market”. My partner drove these items to an auction house in the Boston area and had these pieces evaluated by a reputable, knowledgeable auctioneer. We have been dealing with this fellow for years. He pays within 4 weeks and is flexible with his fees. The auctioneer tailored a fair deal for the client while figuring out a way to pay us modestly for our time. The auctioneer believes that the client will get 4 to 5 times more by selling these item at his auction than we could have from simply pricing them and selling them at a local tag sale. There is even a chance that they could go for much more, since they will be sold in well advertized competative auction. The client did not need the money immediately, but she will have her money for these items by the end of September.

The next item was the jewelry. Pricelessfind Estate Sales & Appraisals is able to value fine jewelry. We weigh and test gold; we look for auction comparables etc. We are not GIA certified, and there are diamonds to be sold at this event. We will pay a GIA certified jeweler, to appraise these items. The jeweler is someone we trust and have been doing business with for some time.

The remaining items in the house will be researched with our wireless devises or simply priced from tried and true experience. These items will be sold at a tag sale which will be advertized in the local media.

At Pricelessfind Estate Sales & Appraisals, we don’t necessarily take the easiest or most convenient path for ourselves. We make a plan that will maximize your profit with the least amount of time and trouble for you. Please contact us for a free no cost on site consultation for a plan to settle your estate. Thanks for reading my post.

Alicia Soukup